Lighting Services

PPM understands that the ideal functionality of a lighting system on any SoCal property provides 3 essential benefits: Improved safety and mitigation of liability, overall property appeal, and energy efficiency. PPM offers multiple programs from preventative lighting maintenance to annual electrical and lighting system inspections to keep your property both safe and attractive.

Retrofitting LED lighting has become a popular energy saving option in Southern California. In order to determine if LEDs are the right application for your property, PPM can conduct an energy and lighting system analysis which includes a photometric study to ensure your lighting upgrade is maximized.

All PPM lighting technicians are California Certified Journeymen Electricians. This means that they are able to offer a thorough diagnosis when problems arise. As a client of PPM, you can look to our team of certified electricians and fleet of fully-stocked boom trucks and vans to keep your property well lit and safe.

Services Include:

  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Retrofitting LED Lighting
  • Retrofitting Light Fixtures to Induction & Fluorescent
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • Light Repairs (lenses, wiring, housings, sockets, & perma-post supports)
  • Ultrasonic Pole Testing
  • Concrete Pole Base Replacement
  • Light Pole Replacement
  • Lighting Controls (EMS, time clocks, photo cells)
  • Lighting Energy Analysis
  • Routine Lighting Maintenance (marked site maps provided upon request)

A critical service offered by PPM is our Ultrasonic Pole Testing. This process involves a technician trained on the use of Panametrics 37DL Plus Metals Thickness Tester. PPM will perform a 12-point inspection of all steel parking lot light pole bases, identify poles that are eroding due to rust, provide a detailed report of the test results along with recommendations to ensure your parking lot lighting is safe and in satisfactory condition.

Pole inspections allow for better budgeting of lighting costs and also prevent damage that could be caused by rusting light poles. Rust develops on the inside of parking lot light poles and can be difficult to detect; for this reason, PPM recommends Ultrasonic Pole Testing every 2-3 years.

For further information regarding retrofitting light fixtures, interior/exterior lighting, and other specific services offered by PPM of Irvine, CA, please Contact Us or submit a service or proposal request.